Dear Friends of BBR,

I turned the calendar today with great anticipation — not only for all those who get to start their Advent count-down calendars — but even more for BBR’s “Christmas Memories” concert season which starts this Friday in Boston, and will include trips to Danvers, Worcester, Framingham and Waltham.  We hope to see you at one (or more!!!) of those concerts.  For details on locations and times please visit our web page:  And while you are there you can purchase one of our two CD’s, Comfort & Joy or Perpetual Motion, for that upcoming Yankee Gift Swap or teacher gift!

BBR is embarking on a renewed focus of education and community outreach in the coming year, and an important piece of that work will be the refurbishment of a set of Whitechapel bells that were so generously donated to us three years ago.  If you would like to be a part of that new outreach, I encourage you to visit our site and contribute to the work.

Here’s wishing you a holiday season creating new Christmas Memories!  And let me be the first to offer best wishes in the new year.

Donna Matson
Executive Director
Back Bay Ringers