April 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends of BBR, It's been a long but exciting winter for BBR--did you see our appearanceon 48 Hours?--but at long last spring has arrived in Boston in earnest. With warmer weather comes anticipation for our spring and summer concerts and events. This year, we're celebrating the old and the new as we continue commemorating

January 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends of BBR, Thank you for making our holiday concerts and the release of our new CD so successful. It's been a great start to our tenth anniversary year. Our spring 2014 concert season is also going to be a fun one--we're excited to present a workshop led by Michael Helman, as well as

December 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends of BBR, You may still be figuring out what to do with all those turkey leftovers, but here at the Back Bay Ringers, we're already looking forward to Christmas! Our 2013 holiday concert program, Comfort & Joy, kicks off in just a few days with solo concerts and guest appearances around Boston. These

November 2013 Newsletter

November 20, 2013 Dear Friends of BBR, We're pleased to announce the release of our third recording, Comfort & Joy. It's been a project two years in the making, as we've selected our favorite holiday repertoire from the past few seasons and recorded them at WGBH's fabulous Fraser Performance Studio. We're really proud of the

October 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends of BBR, When it still feels like summer even though the calendar says October, it's easy to forget that the season of snow, ice, and holiday music is right around the corner. But the Back Bay Ringers haven't forgotten--we've been rehearsing Christmas music since just after Labor Day, and we're eager to share

Special News Bulletin (August 2013)

Dear Friends of BBR, First of all, a reminder that tonight is our annual Summer Ring. And secondly, a special update to our last newsletter--BBR auditions have been rescheduled to Monday, September 9. Updated listings are below. Enjoy the rest of summer--we look forward to seeing many of you soon! --Norah Piehl Executive Director, Back

August 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends of BBR, BBR is on the move! A couple of weekends ago, we cleaned and organized our storage area at Old South Church (including boxing up a lot of sheet music) in preparation for our impending move across Back Bay to First Church in Boston. We're feeling a bit bittersweet about our move--Old

June 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends of BBR, June has arrived, and so has the summer-like weather in the Boston area! We like to think that the Back Bay Ringers will be heating up the spring and summer performance calendar in our area in an entirely different way, with varied and energetic concerts in Cambridge, Lexington, and Beverly next

April 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends of BBR, Spring's been slow to arrive here in New England this year, and so (I confess) has been this issue of our newsletter. Now, however, spring is making its appearance in earnest, and soon so will we! Please read on for listings of Back Bay Ringers' upcoming solo performances, as well as

December 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends of BBR, As I sit here at my desk this morning, snowflakes are falling outside my window. It's like Mother Nature knew that December has arrived . . . and that BBR's "Let It Snow" concert series starts tomorrow! We know December is a busy month, but it's also the perfect opportunity to

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