In October 2014, Back Bay Ringers had the opportunity to record a song with Nick and Noah for their upcoming “Winter” EP.  A BBR small ensemble comprised of five members set up 3 octaves of bells in the recording studio, where a piano, bass guitar, and drum set were ready and waiting.  We were soon joined by a talented jazz a capella group who were brought in to sing backup vocals.  Since they were also recording a video, we had to look our best, in concert dress with red and green scarves.  Nick and Noah, two very talented and professional young musicians, had composed an original holiday song entitled “Bells Are Ringing” that has the potential to be a new pop hit.  The song features solo handbells for the introduction, followed by bell accompaniment throughout the number.  The small ensemble greatly enjoyed not only collaborating with other musicians in a way we have rarely been able to, but also sharing a little about our instrument with both Nick & Noah and the vocalists during some down time between recording the video and the sound.

We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing the video for “Bells are Ringing”.

BBR With Nick and Noah